I graduated from Batley School of Art & Design in 1997 with Pre BA Foundation in Art & Design and in 1999 with HND Surface Pattern  and in 2001 with BA (Hons) Fine Art for Design.

During my degree course I completed a module that required me to design contemporary packaging for an object of my choice. I chose ‘the egg’ because I am fascinated by its strengths and weaknesses. My initial idea was to design protective coverings using natural materials like jute, sisal, linen and cotton. My aim was to create something like nests. It seems to work well for birds but I still can’t fathom how they make their nests.

My first method was to soak jute strands in PVA. When dry the strands were stiff enough to create a basket shape by knotting the strands.                                                                     

Another method was to crochet 3ply sisal into human sized enclosed shapes and when suspended they looked like body bags.

I was pleased with the outcome but was advised to find an alternative method of construction as this form of crochet and knitting had already been done by several textile artists.

I experimented with several methods of constructing textiles. Eventually I found that by crocheting with a thin yarn like crochet cotton or linen yarn around the thicker twine I was able to create some very interesting  three dimensional shapes. For this technique to work effectively, the thicker twine/rope needs to have substance to create a firm shape.