EXHIBITIONS - There have been many exhibitions over the years and too many to mention. My work has featured extensively in the UK, in Washington DC in 2012 and in France later this year

ROPE SCULPTURE - Since graduating in 2001, I have continued to explore new ideas and methods of constructing rope. I continue to exhibit and take on commissions.

3D TEXTILES - I very much like to make 3D textiles that are in the main figurative and fun. They can include needle felting, quilted and other forms of fabric, rope, wood and other appropriate props.

STITCH DRAWINGS - Stitch drawings are just that. I like to deconstruct images/photos into line drawings that can be converted into stitch either by hand or freehand drawing using my sewing machine or digitally converting line into stitch that can be transferred to my sewing machine via a USB stick.

WOOD - I am an avid wood turner and carver. I started working with wood because I needed to mount some of my smaller sculptures on wood. To me wood and rope are perfect partners. I am happy to accept commissions for small pieces such as house signs.

TALKS/WORKSHOPS - I am frequently asked to give talks and these can result in giving workshops at a later date. I’m happy to include children over the age of 8. All materials are supplied. The technique for rope sculpture is very easy to learn. From feedback received, most attendees are happy with their results.

COMMISSIONS - I am happy to accept commissions. Please contact me for further details.

Recent commissionsOMMISSIONS-

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