I regularly run workshops to teach the technique I use for constructing rope sculptures. I have worked in primary schools, secondary schools, during exhibitions in galleries and in my home. I’m happy to work with small groups or one to one. For those who are not geographically close I can help people on line via email and/or Youtube. For this to work I need people to send photos of their work and a description of the problem. The beauty of the technique is that there are no rules. In fact it’s better if you use the technique to develop your own method of working

Children are especially amenable to learning the technique and have made some beautiful pieces. If there is a desire to learn, children from as young as 8 up to people in their 90’s have been successful.  There is a short film on YouTube that will get you started. If you want to know more, just send an email. I liken the technique to 3 dimensional drawing so whatever your results,they will be absolutely unique.